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Play Ball's Fall Ball Registration

Fall Ball Pitching & Catching Training Camp

Play Ball is now introducing it’s first fall ball training program. This program is a 6 week program and will be run by former professional baseball players, Al Mottram (Arizona Diamondbacks) and Dave Wendt (Tampa Bay Rays). Al will be working with pitchers and Dave will work with catchers. This program is designed for player’s looking to take there game to the next level through professional instruction and drills. This camp will cover the following areas:

Arm Stengthening & Injury Prevention - Improve arm strength through various baseball specific exercises with small weights and tubing.

Core & Leg Strengthening - Improve leg strength and core strength through various baseball specific exercises using medicine balls.

Mental Strength & Approach - Improve your mental strength through professional instruction.

Pitching Mechanics & Defense - Improve pitching mechanics through professional instruction with Al Mottram. We will also be covering defensive responsibilities for pitchers.

Catching Mechanics & Fundamentals - Improve catching mechanics through professional instruction with Dave Wendt.


Starts September 17th. This program will run twice a week for six weeks and will meet every Tuesday and Thursday.

Ages 9-12 - Tuesday and Thursday: 3pm-4:30pm (At Play Ball)

Ages 13-18 - Tuesday and Thursday: 4:30pm-6pm (At Play Ball)

Cost is $175.

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